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Welcome to all! I’ve been writing poetry since my freshman year of junior high. I found it as an escape to express my innermost thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection or being judged. I could be who I wanted to be seemingly in my own world unfiltered and free. That has not changed for me over the years and now I want to share my words, my truths with you. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the journey into my Neglected Worlds.


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I did not know
how to be soft
it was not a lesson
my mother afforded me
Contrarily my father’s
anger taught me
to tread lightly
but my bones knew
not of this
They offered no apologies
they knew not how
to be silent even
when my words failed me
They screamed of pain
of the generations
before me

That did not speak
That did not tread
That died before they
had the freedom to live


America Has Defaulted

As a society we’re always saying be the change you want to be. All it takes is just one person to make that change. However, it seems that if you are person of color and/or you happen to make a certain amount of money you can’t be that person. So tell me who can be that person and when exactly is it the right time to stand up for something?? For those of you who are so outraged about these athletes not standing for the National Anthem, you need to go back to school and learn your history. In particular about the meaning behind our so-called National Anthem and while you’re at it revisit the rights the Constitution affords its people. Or are those rights only reserved for those who are not people of color? All of you are quick to criticize the actions of the athletes but you’re awfully quiet about the issues they are trying to bring attention to. I wish all you cared as much and was as vocal about police brutality, discrimination, social injustice, poverty, and many other issues we have going on globally. For instance:

  • Flint still doesn’t have clean water
  • Over 700+ people have been shot and killed by police in 2017
  • Millions could possibly loose their access to healthcare
  • Forest fires are ravaging California, Washington and Oregon
  • Ethnic cleansing of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims
  • Two major hurricanes have caused catastrophic damage to US and it’s territories as well as a number of Caribbean islands leaving many people destitute
  • Mexico has had at least 3 major earthquakes that have killed hundreds
  • Venezuela is dealing with an economic and political crisis

That’s only a handful. Not to mention, the fact that we put more reverence in a flag, in an anthem yet continuously disregard those who have been subject to the injustice prevalent in our society is the real “disrespect”.

So while you guys are criticizing these pro athletes stating in opposition put your money where your mouth is…let me ask you this what have any of you done to help your community? A lot of you forget you live in glass houses.



Past Sins

I suppose I could have loved him
Had we been different people
We were veterans of a war
We lost a long time ago
Yet we came together
With our wounded bodies
And tattered hearts
Speaking of what we knew not of
But each time, I wanted it to be true
If for no one else but him



It was easier to give him of my body than of my heart…

Love, Lies & Whiskey 

His kisses taste of lies
And his words just
kept me dreaming
But I wasn’t looking
for salvation at the
bottom of the glass
I just traded one
poison for another
For the truth was
grievously sobering


To live is to die
To care is to feel
To desire is to want
But to dare to love
Is a leap of faith
For faith is all we have
In this hopeless world

So open your heart,
Open you eyes
See all that there is
And hold on tight and never let go

For love is a journey…a journey to the heartHeart Tree

Plant love 

“Plants and Books are silent Friends to Mankind.The former grows silently to let you live.The later grows you silently to live.” ~ Sridhar Movva


Her tears spoke louder than
any words she could utter
And though she bore the
burden of a broken heart
She still had wings to fly
So she took flight and
walked on the moon



I have felt pain so deep in my bones
That I wonder if there is love there still
And would my lover find my marrow sweet
to the taste or its bitterness too hard to swallow



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